Jessica at the Early Show

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  2. She seems to be obsessed w those teeny dresses atm! Why?? It's pretty unflattering to her IMO.
  3. i don't like what she has on, doesn't flatter her figure.
  4. Is it just me or are her legs a diff. color from the rest of her body??
  5. shes annoying
  6. her hair looks so much better without those nasty extensions.
  7. Her boots don't really go with her dress
  8. Her hair looks great like that. Her dress....totally unflattering!
  9. :lol: I had to scroll back up and look.... and they are!
  10. Damn, tough crowd.
  11. I think she looks cute! Much better outfit than the Today Show one...
  12. LOL at everyone's comments! But I agree with most things said.
  13. I think she's quite simply ADORABLE!
  14. she's on THE VIEW right now with a similar black dress.
  15. Yep! Love the boots! They're from her line. Cute!