Jessica & Ashlee's Outtakes For Teen People

  1. I think they both look beautiful here !!
    jes.jpg jess2.jpg jess3.jpg
  2. Those were taken BNJ right? (before nose job)!
  3. Yes! She looks softer now....
  4. Jessica's so beautiful.
  5. I agree!!!
  6. they do look beautiful here!
  7. both are gorgeous
  8. wow they both look good
    i love jessica's hair
  9. they look great!!
  10. Those are nice pictures. Very relaxed. Thanks for sharing.
  11. They both look pretty!!
  12. They both look pretty!! I really like Jessica's hair or I think I like the headband.
  13. They both look incredible. Jessica should follow Ash's lead and stop with the fake orange tans. Ashley's pale alabaster skin looks glowingly gorgeous!
  14. Ashlee looks so pretty. I miss her old face.
  15. aww they look really sweet in these pictures..
    wish ashlee never changed her face..she was pretty :/
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