Jessica & Ashlee Have Dinner @ Koi's Then On To Party @ Social, Last Night

  1. So did
    Jessica's former assistant Cacee

  2. Jessica Simpson celebrated her holiday break from filming the sure-to-bomb 'Blonde Ambition' by hitting up the L.A. nightlife, where she stepped out with sis Ashlee and BFF Ken Paves for dinner at Koi followed by a rowdy night at celeb haven Social.
  3. It is not a good thing when your ex-assisstant starts to look better then you. Jessica needs to hire a stylist and get her life back on track. What is with the mini dress and turtleneck. She should give that dress back to whatever 5 year-old she stole it from and start dressing like a rich celebrity should!!! The bag is cute though
  4. :shame:
  5. I agree in 100%
  6. she's turnimg into baby jane
  7. Love the Prada mary janes though!
  8. i think she looks hot.. but i AM the queen of babydoll dresses and maryjanes, hehe
  9. Why did Jessica fire Cacee, I forget??

    And Rachel Bilson looks soo cute!!!
  10. LOL...I totally agree!
  11. Is that a B-bag Cacee is carrying??? hehe
  12. Love the shoes but the rest of her ensemble leaves me completely mystified....
  13. Just wondering - does anyone else think she is second guessing the divorce? She just does not seem happy to me.:confused1:
  14. CaCee's bag looks like a Balenciaga Purse, I have the same bag. She didn't fire CaCee, they just stopped doing business together, so to speak.
  15. no matter what, jessica always has great hair!!