Jessica And Ashlee Simpson at The Ivy

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  2. Love the way Jessica looks. Don't like the way Ashlee looks. She's too skinny and her hair looked better before.
  3. I still think she wants to be the next Mary-Kate Olsen :tdown:
  4. Jessica (as usual) looks great, but Ashlee is starting to look a little to grungy...Pete Wentz has really rubbed off on her
  5. I love Jessica's look - I could care less of Ashlee...
  6. not to split hairs or anything but that doesn't look like the Ivy?
  7. Love that Valentino!
  8. Jessica looks great, cant say the same about ashlee though
  9. Jessica looks great. Ashlee's sweater is not cute though.
  10. ashlee is just a wanna be of her sister and she just cant compare
    shes should have stuck with being who she was before at least then she had originality to offer, now shes got nothing !

    jess looks hot great bag!
  11. Jessica looks amazing......LOVE that bag!!!!! Ashlee looks sickly...what's w/ her hair? It looks so dirty and dull?
  12. I don't know but the way she walks bothers me
  13. Ewww Ashlee looks terrible!

    As usual, Jessica looks gorgeous :smile:
  14. Loving Jessica's bag.
  15. I love both!