Jessica Alba's Reissue: is it dark gold or dark silver ...or neither?

  1. which color does jessica alba own, in the photos below? is it the dark silver, the dark gold, or maybe a completely different color? TIA! :flowers: and is her's the 227 size?
    070619-alba.jpg jessica_alba.jpg
  2. I believe that is the 227 dark gold reissue. I tried this on in October at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and it was beautiful!
  3. yeah I think it's dark gold.
  4. Its gorgeous!! :tup: and yes - I agree with it being dark gold reissue
  5. nice!
  6. It's dark gold for sure...but is it a 226? She's is tiny to me...
  7. I kill for her body than the purse anytime!
  8. I love the reissues!
  9. It is 100% sure the dark gold! :biggrin:
  10. It's a dark gold 227.
  11. wow that-s GORGEOUS. Going on the wishlist LOL. Is that available anywhere?
  12. that bag is gorgeous!!!! o no...
  13. Yes. And I just let go of that same handbag a week ago.. :crybaby:Have to do it for my light gold.
  14. thanks for the response ladies! :flowers:

    wow, i can't believe that is the dark gold. i was almost convinced it was the dark silver, only because all the photos i have seen of the dark gold (TPFers personal photos) are taken indoors with flash and does not look like the color shown in the alba pics.

    does anyone have a photo of their own dark gold reissue taken outside under natural lighting conditions (no flash)?
  15. That girl is just sooo pretty!