Jessica Alba's lost too much weight

kitty nyc

Need more bags!
Jun 12, 2006
Oh no!! I think she's one of the most beautiful women I've seen, but this look is too thin for her, I loved her in the Fantastic Four and Into the Blue, her body looked amazing back then. So sad, hope she gets her curves back soon.


Apr 21, 2006
So sad.
She's another one.
She, IMO always had the PERFECT and healthy physique.
I remember thinking to myself that she was starting to look unhealthy and from that picture she's on her way to being another Nicole.

There must be so much pressure for these girls.
I know that whenever I see a picture of myself I think "GOD, I look FAT!"

I can only imagine to have to deal with that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
PLUS be up against women who are praised for weighing even has to COMPLETELY warp one's sense of body image. As most of young Hollywood has proven.

She looks like she's prepping herself go get in the race with Nicole and Kate Bosworth to see who can blow away the fastest!