Jessica Alba's lost too much weight

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  1. She looked so good last year.
    This was taken yesterday as she left a gym.

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  2. ugggh she was soooo hot! whyyyyy???
  3. I thought at the Oscars she was looking a little too thin.
    She's SOO unbelievably beautiful, I hate to see her get too thin.
    I could see her ribcage on her chest.
  4. Hollywood is disappearing. Its really sad how thin they get. And you know what, you always look heavier in pics and on tv. Can you imagine what they look like in RL? Teri Hatcher is another scary looking one.

  5. That does not look healthy at all...
  6. Yikes! Teri Hatcher is looking totally Skeletor!
  7. She used to be soo hot back in the day. Its funny so many of my husbands fantasy women look so bad now. I tease him all the time:
    Farrah Fawcett, Teri Hatcher, Jamie Lee Curtis.) I always say hunny your dream girls arent so dreamy!!

    On Teri Hatcher last week when she was in the hospital bed I said to my husband that she looked like she needed to be in a hospital.

  8. Great, another celebrity who needs a sandwich or two. This is a terrible trend :suspiciou
  9. Jessica Alba is my absolute favorite female celeb ever. I have two of her adorable sin city posters in my dorm room!

    Personally, I think she looked amazing in that movie. She wore a apretty revealing costume, but she still had a little curviness to her. Her body type is kind of similar to mine, so I always used her as a guide to how I wanted to look!

    I think she slimmed WAY WAY down for Into the Blue, and it's just been going down since then. :-/ I really hope my girl doesn't have an ED again, I'd be so upset!

    She should realize that the five gazillion men who drool over her, do so because her body was amazing before. She was toned but had curves--- dudes don't want to hold onto a stick. :sad:

    get healthy Jessica!
  10. Think about what this is doing for girls in school that don't know any better?
  11. So sad. Jessica Alba is stunning.

    I think Hollywood needs to realize, real women have curves.
  12. Damn, she was like the hottest one out there!!

    I remember seeing a comparison of Nicole Richie and Alba in the same bikini in a mag. Alba looked so hot and was curvier.. Makes me wonder if she saw that and decided she needed to lose som :P
  13. What is going on? This is such a disturbing trend that this is what women feel like they have to do to be successful in Hollywood.
  14. I think it's all started because of the Oscars. She wanted to look "good" at the Oscars.
  15. That suck! I agree she is just gorgeous! Stupid hollywood now everyone is going super thin then need to get boob jobs, then become super fake.