Jessica alba's flat boots

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  1. Can anyone id these gorgeous boots?


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  2. Loeffler Randall Classic Matilde Boots ;)
  3. Where could I purchase it from?
  4. What brand and style is her coat?
  5. hi,
    the boots are Matilde flat boots in birch by Loeffler Randal Celebrity Style.
    Jessica Alba's clothing from purses, jeans, shoes etc. are on a site called Celebrity Style Guide. It has 45 pages of pictures with 10 pics featuring designers, where to buy, not one of those sites how to look like. These are authentic. She is picture in the 1 page in those boots, with name of boots, etc. the picture was taken on February 6, 2010 in the same outfit you have. I dont understand why I couldnt upload it, but check out Celebrity Style Guide and punch in her name. You will be amazed at this site!!!:yahoo: