jessica alba's brown suede bag

  1. I saw a picture of Jessica Alba carrying a dark brown bag with braided straps on Belle Gray website (advertising a Troy love and happiness t shirt). I am DYING to find the bag. Any ideas? The picture can be seen @

    (i'm not sure how to attach picture)

    I'm new to this but excited to find it!!!!
    Thank you
  2. It's by Miu Miu.
  3. ^ the link doesn't work. do you mean this one?


    i think mischa barton has the same bag.
  4. Wow! Thank you. had no idea you'd all respond so quickly. That must be it---thanks!!!!!
  5. The miu miu bags' straps look shorter than the one she is carrying and the side stitching looks different. Are there different versions of the bag?
  6. Adorable...lots of potential!
  7. Anyone purchased one yet?
  8. The one she is carrying has a strap going down the side and under

  9. It has a detachable shoulder strap. That must be what she is using..
  10. Is it ok to carry suede now?
  11. sienna miller was carrying it in white leather. It is so pretty :love:
  12. Oooooh- Yummy bag!:yes: