Jessica Albas bag!

  1. Im probably posting this in the wrong tread, but dont find the right one..(link??!)

    What is the name on this bag?


    I really appreciate any info :flowers:
  2. Oh, you can use "toutie20" at shoprumor for 20% off!
  3. Thanks!! Is the products on 100% autentic? Never heard of them..Have some of you bought something there?
  4. They're authentic. There's been some issues in the past with their CS, which they've supposedly correctely, but no problem as far as the authenticity is concerned.
  5. They're definitely authentic and have a boutique in Los Angeles that is considered a hot celebrity shopping stop.
  6. i love the colour - she look gorgeous as well.
  7. Love that bag! Not too practical(wrong color, too light)and normally I'm not a big stud fan but OMG just love that bag!
  8. It's really pretty.
  9. This bag is gorgeous, I just can't tell if those are bauble-looking or really cool studs.
  10. pretty!