Jessica Alba's Bag

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I saw this picture of Jessica and I just love her bag...does anyone know which designer makes it and what it's called?
  2. Can you attach the photo using Manage Attachments?
    It's not showing up.
  3. i just fixed it...sorry! it was my first post.
  4. It's like Chloe and Bulga had a baby!
  5. Jessica Alba? I don't think it's Jessica A. I think it's Paula Rubio..... :o/
  6. Yes, it IS Jessica Alba.:biggrin:
  7. Yep, that's definitely Jessica A and Cash Warren ;)
  8. If she wasn't with Cash Warren, I won't know it's Jessica Alba. She's getting blonder each time i see her.
  9. She looks fab and the bag is pretty cool.
  10. It kind of resembles Mulberry... but not. Hum...
  11. It's a Gustto Parina Bag. All I've been able to find is the khaki color at
  12. That is one loooong bag. I like it except for the length. I would hate to have dig so far down to find things.
  13. Yes, it is. They are a San Diego company! :smile: I just came across a bag last week in DC! CUTE!
  14. Thanks so much lovies!
    you all rock :smile:
  15. her name is Paulina Rubio and that is not her at all, jessica much more pretty
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