jessica alba's bag

  1. hi i was wondering if any of you knew this style, is it past season or is it still available (not in this color though)? i can't copy from the celeb web but its the bottom of page 33. thanks.
  2. Can you post a link of the website?
  3. hi babyhart, i'm pretty sure its the "Soft and Chain" flap bag. I saw this at NM in Palo Alto in this exact blue a month ago so I'm sure if you call any NM they can locate one for you if they are still around. Good luck!
  4. I saw this bag in NM Newport Beach few weeks ago. I forgot the color.
  5. I like that bag!
  6. I saw a bag slightly different at NM the other day. It was the same color but it wasn't a flap and it didn't have the little CC in the front. It was about the same shape though from what I can see.
  7. That is the soft and chain. I think it comes in that blue color, a beige/blush color and black. They had the blue and black at my NM a few weeks ago. The price was $2125 for that style....I believe.
  8. [​IMG]

    Ugh... her outfit doesn't match the bag.. :hrmm: it wouldve been lovely if she had a smaller bag in beige or black..
  9. Love the color!
  10. she's so hot!
  11. gorgeous blue bag
  12. thanks ladies!! the leather looks so scrumptious!! i have to see this IRL!