Jessica Alba's Baby Bag???

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  1. OK - I know I'm an idiot but I don't know how to attach pics. Did anyone see the pics of Jessica Alba from justjared where she is at the park with her daughter? Wondering if anyone can id the baby bag she is carrying. Looks like a Tod's Pashmy style but not sure if they make a baby bag. Thanks so much for your patience and help.
  2. Is this bag?


    I'm not sure who makes it though. Maybe Burberry?
  3. it's by Tod's.
  4. Oooh it's cute. I wish my baby bag was that snazzy when I had to use one. Now I deal with a small princess backpack. The smaller bag I could carry for the kids' stuff, the better it is for my shoulder! And more room for MY purse. Haha. Her baby is so big already. It seems like she just had her.. Wow, time flies quick!
  5. That is the one! Thank you so much!!