Jessica Alba

  1. She resembles Madonna's daughter in the red shoes pics.
  2. She's known for her love of fashion so it's no surprise that A-lister Jessica Alba made an effort in an edgy black and white outfit as she checked out of her New York hotel yesterday (Friday).
    The LA-based actress had been in New York for Fashion Week and certainly proved that she's no pampered star during her stay.
    Wearing chic, black baggy trousers, a black jumper and a leather biker jacket, the 31-year-old actress was the epitome of cool as she carried her own bags from her hotel to her car.

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  3. I think she's a pretty girl but not really that unique or spectacuar. There is a waitress at our local burger and brew who looks very much like her and I don't see anyone falling all over themselves over her.
  4. I want those shoes, but I don't want to pay $700 for them!
  5. A lister? Lol
    How much is she paying these media outlets for these stories ??
  6. I always wondered why she gets to much exposure when she isn't an A-list actress....didn't think about the role of the publicist :rolleyes:

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  8. source: Daily Mail
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  9. She's a successful Hollywood actress with a blossoming business and two small children but Jessica Alba never fails to make it look easy.
    Wearing a trendy ensemble of black harem pants, cut-out sandals and a flowing white blouse the 31-year-old was unruffled even as she made two trips to bring daughters Honor Marie and Haven into her Santa Monica office on Friday.
    The multi-tasking Sin City actress wore light make up and kept her hair in a messy bun to beat the California heat.
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  10. It us arguably not much of a challenge to make people go green at the Environmental Media Awards.
    But Jessica Alba managed to turn the faces of her rivals that shade due to envy when she attended the event in Los Angeles tonight.
    The saucy actress looked fantastic in a white jacket and matching blouse, and baggy black trousers as she posed for photographers with husband Cash Warren.
    The daring 31-year-old star's shirt even had a slit that gave a tantalising glimpse of the lacy lingerie she was wearing underneath.
    And why not, for the mother-of-two has certainly regained her pre-pregnancy body following the birth of her second daughter Haven last year.
    The classy Fantastic Four favourite also wore her hair in an elegant ponytail, which she whipped over her shoulder for the ceremony at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.
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  11. This week she has been juggling mothering and work duties as her children accompanied her to the office.
    But on Saturday, Jessica Alba’s husband gave her a break as he took on the bulk of parenting duties for the day.
    The creator of The Honest Company, which aims to help parents choose affordable green products, took some time off from her alternative career to acting, and enjoyed a meal with her family.
    The 31-year-old stepped out wearing a white vest with a denim waistcoat.

    She teamed the pieces with a printed maxi skirt, which she avoided scraping along the ground with open toe wedge heels.
    Despite having her hands full the day before as she took her offspring with her on the job and squeezed in time for a work out session, all the brunette had to carry on Saturday was a stylish silver bag and iced beverage.
    Alba’s husband - who is the president of Verso Entertainment - co-ordinated colours with his spouse, stepping out in sky blue shorts and a darker Polo shirt.
    He pushed their youngest child, one-year-old Haven, in her stroller while her four-year-old sibling walked alongside them.
    Prior to their visit to The Newsroom Café in West Hollywood, it looks like the clan enjoyed the morning at home together, bonding with their pets.
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  12. omg..the pug & baby pic! LOVEEEEE.
  13. Poor doggy. So cute but fat. His little legs must be hurty with that extra weight.

    Love chubby animals but its really harmful to their health.
  14. Looooove her pug!!! (the baby's okay too, I guess)

    Pugs are supposed to be thicker, stockier. A lean, leggy pug is a faux pug!
  15. I know about pugs and lean isn't what I meant. I think the pug could lose a few pounds, and would still be very stocky and not at all thin.