Jessica Alba

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Ewwwwe, she looks terrible
  3. why does she look so miserable all the time? she's wasting the pretty!
  4. ^She does, doesn't she? She has a lot to be happy about.
  5. She always looks miserable. I wonder why?!
  6. I don't think she's as pretty as a lot of the other Hollywood girls. BUT, I'd still probably trade, lol.
  7. That's a terrible picture of her.:tdown:
  8. What a horrible pic. She looks really bad with such dark hair.
  9. LOL I've noticed that too. She always looks so pretty in all her movies when she's acting happy. The in real life she just looks like a miserable plain jane!
  10. I dont think that dark her suits her at all. She looks almost like she is going through some type of weird country western goth phase.
  11. Probably not the best choice in clothing...
  12. Well I sure she just wanted to go and get a coffee in the morning but the Paps there won't leave her alone. I'd be fustrated too...
  13. She looks like Pocahontas! :graucho:
  14. Shes so beautiful, but jeez thats a horrible photo! Smile Jessica, its ok, you have a lot to be happy for!
  15. [​IMG]