Jessica Alba With Her Botkier Sophie

  1. [​IMG]
  2. ^ Thats awesome! She's so...down-to-earth, KWIM?
  3. she looks great
  4. She never wears the same bag twice!!! She must have a whole room dedicated to her handbags.
  5. That's the picture that inspired me to buy mine!! I LOVE that bag!
  6. So cute on her. She must be tiny. On me it comes right up under my armpit :smile: Still love it though.

    Unless, wait...maybe that is the large size? It's the small size that comes up close under my arm. Maybe I need to get a large one. This looks great on her!
  7. I think it must be the small because the large one is huge. By the way, if you didn't look at the post below about her other bag (Jessica Alba Bag), please check it out - we are trying to figure out what kind of bag she is carrying!!!
  8. It's by Bally