Jessica Alba Style Thread

  1. Now that you mention it there is some kind of shadow?.....
  2. She even looks gorgeous dressed sloppy, then I realized she has quite a lot of makeup on.
  3. At Central Park Zoo in New York City.
    (July 27, 2012 - Source:

  4. Can anyone ID her dress? I love it and she looks fantastic!
  5. Another day out in New York with the family yesterday.

  6. I really like the colorblocking on this dress. Can anyone I.D.??
  7. New York.
    (July 29, 2012 - Source: FameFlynet Pictures)

    Jessica+Alba+Satisfies+Caffine+Cravings+Rtz3G8dW5zTl.jpg Jessica+Alba+Satisfies+Caffine+Cravings+-0Wcq_l4pmVl.jpg
  8. Not a huge fan of her style - I think I prefer something more simple. She often seems to have too much going on - weird fitting pants, scarf, jewelry, hat, etc. She would often look better taking off one of these items instead.
  9. Agree. She over does it most of the time. She needs to look in the mirror and remove 2 things

    She tries too too hard too often.
  10. I think she looks like she's having fun with it. In my eyes it works for her. Not everyone has to follow the same style rules about only using one pop of color and chic dressing...
  11. Arriving in LAX last night.


  12. I love her style. Its so unique.
  13. Such a gorgeous girl ... I don't always agree with what she wears but she certainly pulls it off.
  14. Tuesday (July 31) in Montebello, Calif.

  15. Out in Los Angeles.
    (August 2, 2012 - Source:

    Jessica+Biel+practices+wedding+arrives+Total+sVq5aIFMKyGl.jpg Jessica+Biel+practices+wedding+arrives+Total+uiE7rz_CHFFl.jpg