Jessica Alba sick of being "Hot"

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  1. Shes gorg, and she knows it....i'd rather if she had just said that. Hollywood is like bombarded with airheads, and lately they've been loosing their minds with ridiculous comments like these. I'ts like, so why dont you stop posing for mostly mens magazine semi to almost nude. And im a fan.
    Jessica Alba wants movie executives to get past her ''hotness.''
    The 26-year-old beauty is sick of being viewed as a sex symbol and wants to land some serious acting roles.

    Jessica told America's GQ magazine: "I hope all my new work will help producers in getting past my hotness."

    The "Sin City" star has five films coming out this summer, including comic book blockbuster "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," comedy "Good Luck Chuck" and thriller "Awake."

    Jessica - who recently topped FHM magazine's annual 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll - also insists she is very shy, despite her overtly sexual image.

    She said: "I try not to make the headlines. I'm self-conscious about this. I try to not make my presence known."

    "I have my own fashion style and do not try to fit in. I don't have my breasts under my chin, I'm not showing butt cheeks, nor much legs. I don't go for the trendiest look."

    Jessica recently claimed she wants to be a "serious actress", and does not want her movies to be all about "me in a bikini."

    The screen beauty was seen in swimwear for almost the entire duration of ocean adventure movie "Into the Blue."

    As told to GQ Magazine
  2. well... to me, she's not a very convincing or talented as an actress.

    imo, i've always thought she has an enviable body/figure... and she looks fantastic most of the time in photos... however, i don't find her face as pretty as everyone else seems to think. practically every guy i know thinks she 's hot, but i guess that's not really surprising.
  3. she has an amazing body yes,.....shes attractive(which to me is totally different than pretty) yes....but that's where it ends.
  4. i think she's very hot... and comparing to most of the hollywood young actresses and celebutants, i think she's actually doing a pretty good job of keeping a clear head... she's not out there doing crazy club scenes, no one called her a firecrotch, you rarely if ever see her drunk out of her mind, or see any pantieless candid photos on the internet...
    it's not surprising that she wants to break out the mold, and if she wants to grow as an actress and gain respect as a "serious" actress, she has to try... so i give her props for trying to better herself... and trying to do something more than what's easy and expected of her... after all, it was smart to use her best asset to break into the film world, gotta start somewhere right? it is after having all the success and fame, how she handles herself speaks more of her character than anything else... :dothewave:
  5. You know, I am tired of my hottness too, dammit! LOL

    I hear violins playing in the back of her head!

    I do find her pretty in a cute way. I don't find her sexy. I reserve that for actual women with with something more going for them than being the top of some men's mag list. Case in point Lilo and Avril on Maxim's list.

    I agree with the person that said if she wants to be taken seriously, then stop doing sexy roles like Sin City (which is debatable as legit acting) and posing half naked.
  6. Uhm, yeah ... that recent GQ photoshoot tells me that she is REALLY sick of being "hot".:rolleyes: Whatever ...

  7. exactly :yes:

    if she was sick of being hot, why would she have agreed to be apart of a pictorial in a magazine like GQ? I dont get some people. Maybe shes crying wolf? I dont know, but I think shes a very cute girl.
  8. I think is gorgeous! But I think her acting needs something more I don't know what it is but she's missing something ... more realism she comes across as acting, KWIM?

    Sick of being hot? Please, Jessica don't make me slap you!
  9. well if she's sick of being hot, then she should just stop being hot. buy some krispy kremes, a scrunchy, and some sweatpants - voila! not so hot.

    i'm sure her appearance is SUCH a burden. i find her very pretty, but usually a terrible actress. she should thank GOD that she's hot or she'd never get any work.
  10. ^hahaha, over here she isn't a big deal - yet - but anyway I fail to see what it is about her. have to give her credit though for not letting it all hang out and not being in the headlines.

  11. LOL, I agree!
  12. I'm not about to feel sorry for her!
  13. I have a quick fix for Jessica, pose with your legs closed and wear your shirt buttoned up.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Then why these pictorials? She is nothing without that body. Her acting sucks.
  15. okay--that last pic makes me want to vomit LOL

    how would a man, or a female for that matter,find that pose sexy? eww haha