Jessica Alba shopping with some girlfriends in Paris (July 8)

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  5. She looks really cute here...I like her outfit!
  6. It is hard to see the pictures...they don't get larger when you click on it.
  7. ^^ Same for me. However, is this recent? It doesn't look like the nicest weather in those clothes, but she looks good!
  8. ^^ Aargghh agree with everyone about the picture thing!

    But she looks pretty and chic like normal!
  9. Don't you think it is odd to wear sunglasses while it is raining?
  10. i used to find her boring but after seeing so many Kim Kardashian pics I am now totally love with this girls chic understated style
  11. would like to see larger pics, thanks
  12. she looks nice, is that a chanel classic flap?
  13. She's very pretty.
  14. Is it me, or when you click on the picture they don't work?
  15. ^^Same for me. When I click on the attachment, I get an error page.