Jessica Alba: Shopping in Beverly Hills (11/20/06)

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  2. She looks cute! Love the little pug.
  3. She scores a perfect 10 IMO. Adorable use of leggings.
  4. she look pretty as usual!
  5. I think she is a pretty girl!
  6. She's adorable!
  7. She is so gorgeous! I think she is the most fashionable and best dressed celebrity! Very classy!
  8. I love her outfit! The dress is cute and her sandals are also very cute!!
  9. owwwww!!!she is so cutie:love: :tender:
  10. Lookin adorable like always ^^
  11. Am I alone on this or I always thought jessica looked better during her dark angel (pre boho dressing) days, she fits the hip hop look ALOT better
  12. She looks gorgeous as always!
  13. I love her flats! Anyone know what they are??
  14. She's adorable but I don't like the length of those leggings... Love the sunglasses.

  15. is tht a balanciaga bag on ur display pic coz i jus love tht color