Jessica Alba - Makeup commercial

  1. She looks lovely. She sure loves her dog!
    11924_jessicaalbacomm2_1.jpg 11924_jessicaalbacomm3_1.jpg 11924_jessicaalbacomm_1.jpg
  2. she is absolutely beautiful.
  3. she is so pretty!
  4. She is always gorgeous. I love her.
  5. Jessica always looks great, with or without make-up, she is absolutely gourgeous IMO!
  6. She looks bf is obsessed with her!
  7. ^^^You know what? My FH always says she looks weird....I tell him he is CRAZY!!!! She is the perfect woman!!!! I would kill to look like that!!!! She's beautiful!
  8. She's beautiful!
  9. Really? I always thought her body was smokin but that her face is only ok.. cute at best for me.
  10. I love her body :biggrin:
  11. She's gorgeous!! If only I looked like her haha.. :smile:

  12. Yeah me too!!! She has a perfect body, beautiful eyes and lips and a cute little nose, what more could ya want??? lol
  13. Love her!!!
  14. Shes sooo pretty