jessica alba in Nov Elle

  1. Gorgeous! She looks Beautiful, She is rockin those outfits!
    I'm lovin' the cover shot, her figure is TDF!
    Thanks for the link!
  2. Beautiful! WOW!
  3. She's so hot and sexy.
  4. She looks amazing. Understated, but very fashionable. She also has a very beautiful figure. She seems to be a healthy young woman.

    BTW, I love her hair.:love:
  5. Cute pics
  6. she so beautiful, great style.
  7. These are amazing photos of Jessica Alba! Very well done!
  8. She is incredibly gorgeous. I LOVE HER!

    But what that person said about her acting is kinda true! Don't shoot please! :Push:
  9. ^I agree...she's very beautiful though!
  10. Jessica Alba is Gorgeous. She is the one woman I hate my husband drooling over. Anyone else is OK.
  11. LOL Yeah I hear ya! She is just about perfect in my book!
  12. i love jessica alba!! i feel like she could pull off anything! that's so mean of that site to bash her acting though. i think she's ok. i mean, she's no hilary swank but she's good!! and i give her props for not getting naked! lol. she rocks clothes sOOo well!!
  13. She looks amazing!
  14. just picked up my issue today!

    i needed a new magazine fix. i've already gone through all the october magazines...oh...two weeks ago! -_____-

    the cover is as beautiful as the stuff inside! can you say 'drool'?