Jessica Alba--Hot bod or too thin?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

  2. Hot!
  3. My Dh says too skinny but IMO she's hot.
  4. I think she looks great!
  5. totally hot!
  6. So hot!
  7. She is still beautiful, but I think she's getting slowly on the too thin side.
  8. SHe was WAY too thin last year, then she looked gorgeous again for a long time. . . although I think she looks thin, she still looks hot to me! But she's looking like she's walking the line IMO.
  9. HOT! I wish I had thighs like hers!
  10. Hubby says too skinny.
  11. most certainly not too thin...
    so hot!
  12. Hot, but I think she looks better with more curves.
  13. While I think she is extremely beautiful, I think she's too thin.
  14. She does look thin but she looks good!
  15. i think she still looks ok, just hope that she doesn't lose any more weight. i think she looks better with curves, though