Jessica Alba having lunch

  1. Jessica Alba having lunch in Beverly Hills
    Jessica.jpg Jessica Alba.jpg Jessica A.jpg
  2. She is pretty!
  3. Looking nice and natural.
  4. She is so pretty, love her!
  5. Awwww... she looks so nice!
  6. It proves that she eats..
    she looks nice.
  7. lol.

    she looks good
  8. i like her earrings! :yes:
    i loove her!
  9. She may not necessarily be eating. She might just be posing next to some food for all we know!
  10. Jessica is one of the few stars I truly love.
  11. she is so pretty, as usual.
  12. Yep, she sure is. Love her shoes too.
  13. Very pretty =)

  14. What ?? :nuts: :p
  15. Maybe her mother just taught her to not talk with her mouth full!