Jessica Alba got Herpes?

  1. ewwww gross...
  2. :wtf::yucky: YUCK. Hope it's not true!
  3. Oh man, her PR has to clean up the mess...deny..deny..deny...
  4. Tmi.
  5. eeeeeuuuuuuuuuw, some things really should be just left private
  6. 80% of people who have Herpes do not even know they have it because symptoms don't always appear. It's gross alright. But who knows, YOU may have it LOL.
  7. Real nice assistant she had there, sharing information like that.
  8. I'm more bummed that she may have gotten it from Derek Jeter! :shocked::wtf:
  9. oh that's nasty!:yucky::yucky:
    Too much information.
  10. Lol I agree. Dont they sign privacy agreements or something? So they cant talk about these kind of things.
  11. That is so gross. Everyone in hollywood is passing around all kinds of nasty diseases.
  12. All chickens come home to roost :shrugs:,no big surprise here.
  13. Some information is just private. I suppose when you can have a family member or members as your assistants that is the best! (well, in most cases)
  14. I wouldn't be surprised.... :yucky: