jessica alba black soft n chain or ultimate soft?

  1. HI... ladies... Can I please get some opinions on these two bags? Which one would you choose? The soft and chain flap, the same one that jessica alba has, but in black (small) or the quilted ultimate soft in black?

    i have black e/w, black bal city, and black multi pocket MJ... What would be a good addition?

    Some suggestions would be great!!

    Thank you

    pictures borrowed from reference library.
    Ultimate Soft.JPG IMG_0930.JPG
  2. Hi bluejay,

    You might get more responses if you post this in the general chanel forum (this is mostly shopping related posts like inventory, where to find, etc).

    Anyways, love both your choices and have seen/tried on both in person. Both have beautiful supple looking/feeling leather (soft&chain is lamb, i'm pretty sure ultimate soft is lamb as well). Both will slouch a little with wear. I personally prefer the US as it wears beautifully, since the S&C looks a little more plain.

    The chain on the soft&chain is a little heavy and for me personally, uncomfortable on the shoulder due to the thick chain, while the US's leather strap hold nicely on the shoulder. Both have traditional look of purses but w/ a little edge.

    Maybe check out some photos of the bags in the Reference threads to get an idea how it looks carried by other, sometimes that helps w/ the decision process.

    It really depends on what you look for in bags. Hope this helps :smile:
  3. black...why not venture into different colors?
  4. ^^I have to agree. I love both bags, but prefer the ultimate soft only because I thought the chain was a little to heavy on the soft & chain. I remember in the boutique that the chain from the S&C was leaning on the bag and it left indentions on the be careful with that. Ultimatly, it's you decision. Both bags are beautifu. GL with you decision :smile:
  5. ultimate soft gets my vote
  6. Thanks ladies for you input! I think i'll post in the general chanel area too! I always thinking of venturing to different colors... but when I do.. I never end up using the bag :sad: so it just sits there and looks pretty-
  7. The Soft and Chain gets my vote! I just got one and I love it! The ultimate soft is a bit more classic but typical looking- the soft and chain is a classic style but a bit more stylish IMO! I am so glad I was able to get one!
  8. my vote goes to quilted ultimate soft in black
  9. I like the soft & chain!!!
  10. I would choose the Soft n chain flap, you can't get them later on, where as the ultimate soft is readily available.
  11. ultimate soft! its light, soft classic looking and has a fun little CC medallion =]
  12. soft N chain but wuld prefer the blue color...unless u can find one since it's totally sold out, the last one sold on eBay was!
  13. soft and chain gets my vote!
  14. soft and chain!!! But I am biased!!
  15. i like this one, but the handle can be painful though, i don't have that one but i've been using a thomas wylde bag that got similar chain handle.
    i have long hair too adn often my hair stucks too LOL