Jessica Alba at Coca Cola 600 (05/27/07)

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  2. She is tiny!! But she pulls off that outfit pretty well, for how hard it is to pull off :yes:
  3. i think she is really pretty and cute when she is genuinely having a good time. :smile:
  4. She looks really pretty and I love her hair.
  5. she's cute - what bag is that in the first pic?
  6. Not a huge fan of hers but she does look great, her makeup is really nice too
  7. she looks cute.
  8. I think she looks adorable.
  9. I love her hair! It makes me question why I cut it so short.
  10. She looks so cute and happy. She has amazing skin. The outfit is cute on her but I could never pull off an outfit like that.
  11. She looks great. I love har hair.
  12. Geez she looks really great...I bet she is a size 2.
  13. i want that outfit!
  14. Wow - she looks hot!
  15. She looks very cute.