Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel

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  1. Any idea who makes either of their bags? :shrugs: I thought Lanvin or Versace for Jessica Alba's, but haven't found anything yet.


  2. I think Biel's might be Botkier?
  3. Biel's looks like gustto to me . .
  4. I like Jessica Biel's bag! I think its gustto as well
  5. I know Jessica Alba's has various lettering on it, but I can't figure out what the letters R V J A might mean?
  6. ^^ I can't figure it out either. When I saw the other lettering, the only thing that came to mind was Roger Vivier, but I honestly can't imagine him making a purple bag with shiny silver lettering :nogood:
  7. It's so weird. It's such an odd bag, like nothing I've seen from anyone before. Everything's different about it; the bag style, the hardware, the lettering.. I'm stuck in a rut and very confused. Haha.
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    Here's a better pic:


    Maybe it's a specially made bag? Like Roger Vivier (R. V.) for Jessica Alba (Ja)?? The buckle does look like Vivier, but I can't find this bag on his site.
  9. This is a Roger Vivier Cut Up bag. It can be customized with letters. J A stand of course for Jessica Alba. Here is a pic of the bag, customized with the name 'Ines' (which stands for Ines de la Fressange, former Chanel model and Vivier ambassador).
  10. Wonderful find -- thank you!!:woohoo:
  11. Very cute bag! I like the black/red better than Jess' purple.

    Also, a bit off-topic: but Alba is taking a while to get to her pre-preg body. I wonder if she'll be able to pull it off....
  12. I do really like Jessica Biel's bag, though I would probably be able to jump inside it.

    I've seen her post-baby bikini pics, it looks like she has gotten back pre-preg body to me..if not, very close. Could be just a bad angle there because it does look like she has a bit of a saddle bag...but i havent seen it in any other pics.