Jessica Alba and her cute Chloe

  1. Okay, Jessica looks like she needs to a eat a little (doesn't seem like stars are deterioting before our eyes?) but her zippy paddington is too cute for words! :love:
  2. cute zippy!
  3. I love her dress. Not much a fan of those sunglasses, but I loovvveeee her bag!
  4. She looks wonderful, but I agree... she looks like she's withering right before our eyes... or as Lilo would say "losing her babyfat".... Definitely needs a sandwich or 10!
  5. she still looks great. at least she's not looking like nicole richie yet.
  6. Her foot looks.. so.. disgusting.
  7. Pretty dress, cute bag.
  8. Love her.
    Love her bag.
    She looks great, but she is getting thinner. Seems that most of the female stars start to wither once they hit the big leauges and they're always on the red carpet.
    I can imagine the pressure when you're always seeing your picture in magazines. It's probably that "I look so fat I need to lose 10 lbs." feeling ALL THE TIME.
  9. So THAT'S what that color is meant to be worn with. I didn't like it until now - it looks adorable on her!
  10. Cute! I think she must have that bag stuffed full because mine never looked like that!

    I saw a woman wearing a Jaune satchel with jeans, white top, and khaki blazer and the color looked fantabulous. It made me go balistic wanting that color. I got over it though. =)
  11. She is so cute! Love the bag!
  12. Great photo, she's gorgeous!
    BUT, her waist is the same width as her head now. :sad:
    I HATE to see this happening to her :sad:
  13. Wow, she's looking really thin! She is as beautiful as ever though!
  14. She looks so thin. That's a shame, she had the perfect body. Now she's just on her way to joining the bobble-head club.
  15. i love her outfit! she's just gorgeous!