Jessica Alba and Her Chanel Bag

  1. Does anyone recognize the Chanel bag that Jessica Alba was photographed with yesterday? I love/love it, but Chanel makes so many great bags each season, I don't know where to start looking. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

  2. Looks like a soft n chain flap, personalshopper had one a while ago.
  3. this is gorgeous.. does anyone know how much this is?
  4. THIS bag is beautiful, does anyone know how much it retails for?? its called a soft n chain flap?
  5. this bag was at the charlotte NM 3 days ago.
  6. hey isnt this bag .. the pleated pouch ? i think ive seen bfore around the forum on the -chanel in action - activity...:confused1: well check w/ dat name maybe its da same.. :upsidedown:
  7. If that's the same bag I saw in NM a few months ago the chain is super heavy, but it's a beautiful bag. I didn't ask what the name was.

    Jessica Alba always looks so great...
  8. that blue pops, Chanel does colour well
  9. wow! love that blue color!
  10. Pretty bag!
    Its it suede?
  11. Very cute bag!

    Hey that's Steve Nash behind her! haha.
  12. Can anyone confirm the exact name of this bag and does anyone know of its availability in New York? TIA!
  13. It's called the soft and chain flap. I believe it should still be available, not sure if specifically in NY. You can try calling the boutiques/dept stores there. Good luck!
  14. Thanks culgal! I looked in the reference library at the soft and chains and could not recognize it. Perhaps no PFer's own this bag?
  15. Yes, it is the soft & chain flap. I almost bought it at NM back in the summer. I don't think there are pics of this bag in the reference library, but I know it is from that line. The blue is beautiful! It is lambskin and the price was $2225. GL in your search. Hopefully there are still some floating around!:smile: