Jessica Alba and Cash Warren walk their dog in Vancouver

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    They're cute in their matching jackets. :smile:
  2. awww matching coats are cute lol

    I really like hers :yes:
  3. I didn't even notice the matchign jackets until you mentioned it!
  4. Awww cute :biggrin:
  5. they look good together, but who is cash warren? a celeb of some sort, or "some dude"?
  6. me
  7. Cute sunglasses ! anyone know the brand?
  8. Are those leg warmers???? Wow she can really make anything look good.
  9. I think he's a director's assistant and was working on a movie Jessica Alba was in when they met. Very cute together. He seems really sweet.

    Someone PLEASE tell me who makes Jessica's coat. I love it.
  10. cuute :biggrin:

    love her sunnies .. any1 has any idea what brand r they?
  11. The sunnies could be Versace, but I might be wrong!

    Such a cute couple :shame:
  12. Brrr... they look cold.
  13. The sunglasses I think are by Tom Ford
  14. Cute! :smile:
  15. So cute. She's such a sweet-looking girl.