Jesse Small Speedy - Cognac - Reveal


Jan 18, 2011
Here are some pictures of my new Jesse Small Speedy. I really bought this bag to use in the fall. As I was taking pictures of it with my summer clothes on, I wasn't sure if it was fitting the bill. So, you'll notice the last picture I took, I'm wearing my black leather jacket. I have black leather boots that go with the jacket and I wanted something to make me look not so. . . dark. I think I like it with the black jacket - what do you think?

Positives - the leather is FABULOUS! The handles feel sooooo good! I like the color.

Questions - not sure I like how the shoulder/crossbody strap is connected to the bag - its a little awkward.

I was really longing for a simple bag with no hardware - is this too simple?


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Mar 22, 2007
Maybe I want it to work too badly. Do you wear your Scotch bag with black?

Ok, this is a weird post, I know. What do you think of these outfits? Does anybody wear cognac and black together?

Yes I do actually, on the rare occasion I actually wear black. But I wear it with all ranges of gray too. I consider this tan to be the ultimate neutral, just like navy.

Is it as dark in person as it is in the pics? Maybe that's the issue...that it's darker than you expected? If you don't love it don't keep it. It's a really great bag, but it doesn't seem like this color in particular works for you, or something about it isn't making your heart sing. I totally d ig the handles though they need to be longer, imo.