Jesse Metcalfe gets decked

  1. WHOA! That was BRUTAL! I thought that guy in the gray hoodie was his friend or something!
  2. That was crazyness! Jesse looked kind of shocked after.. he must not have expected that. Who was that guy?
  3. That guy was definitely a friend, that's why Jessie looked so shocked....he was even saying "Victor, what the f***" over and over again. Weird. Drunk friends are dangerous.:yes:
  4. Ahahahahaha!!!!!! What A Tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hahahaha
  6. hahaha i just saw this on tmz... and then there's photos of Jesse beating the guy up inside a club.
  7. How.. awkward.

    For some reason (maybe Perez!), I always thought he was kind of a douche..
  8. Is it bad if I laughed? He just looks too pretty to get punched. :whistle: