Jess Simpson finally sings!

  1. She sing on NBC's "Today" show Friday morning. Before that, she busted a blood vessel in her vocal cord. that makes her lost her voice. But only made it through one song before her voice cracked.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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  2. omg poor thing, and that fake tan in that 1st pic is horrorable
  3. I think she is so beautiful.
  4. she looks lovely, and would look a lot betterwithout the fake tan. I hope she gets better soon.
  5. I hope she didn't try to sing before she should have. She has a beautiful voice and I would hate for her to do permanent damage.
  6. She is really pretty. I love her new CD.
  7. i do like her alot, but she needs to tone it down on the self tanner.
  8. She is beautiful whether she has a fake tan or not. Hope she feels better!
  9. Yikes! Look at that tan!
  10. I :heart: her new album.
    I really hope she recovers without any serious consequences, for example since she sang before she properly healed she might have damaged her vocal cords.
    Team Jessica!!!:love:
  11. I think her singing is really horrible and she can't seem to dress her self these days.
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