Jess Plastic Surgery

  1. via , this pick of Jessica is odd. Her demeanor is weird as she always smiles for the camera. It's like she's trying to hide something...perhaps that nose of hers.
  2. are you sure that's her?

    it also might be the sunnies...they look HUGE.
  3. Was that photoshopped???? It does look real, if so Jessica has Michael Jackson's nose.
  4. She's in Maxim magazine. Her nose and lips look so much nicer. She has smooth nose no bump and plump lower lip. I can tell it righht away that she got it done.
  5. All I say is as long as she is happy...leave the poor girl alone.
  6. I'm not a plastic surgery expert, but isn't there some swelling and down time after your surgery? Ashlee (and maybe possibly Jessica) never seem out of the limelight, but they got a nose job. Please someone enlighten me.
  7. Okay, so now she's trying to look like Ashlee? :lol:
  8. That is true.
  9. But Ashlee has pretty much admitted she did get hers done...and the photos don't lie. I have no idea how they got rid of the swelling so fast, other than maybe some new, not widely available technique?
  10. that nose looks odd....that's too small compared to the rst of the face!!!:wacko:
  11. There's a new outpatient technique that requires very little if any cutting, and only takes minimal down time for recovery. It's supposedly all the rage in Hollywood. I saw something about the procedure on the Today show but they said that the results are short lived (not a permanent change). Either way, her nose looks very small in that picture.
  12. It definitely looks odd...

    I could have sworn that she told a magazine that she loved the bump in her if she did get it fixed, it seems that she either: a)fell out of love with her bump, b)lied to the magazine, or c)became insecure.
  13. I love Jessica....

    And good for her if she got a nose long as she feels good about herself!!
  14. Maybe the Simpson girls got "buy-one-get-one-free!" :P
  15. Now there's something I don't get. I thought a nose surgery left you with bruises and swollen ose for at least three weeks. how do the simpson sisters do it? Is it a new technique?

    She totally had surgery. There's nothing left of her nose!!! :shocked:

    Stupid, i thought hers was cute.