Jess & Ash @ the Chicago After Party

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  1. :supacool:
    112005965256125883953_rs.jpg 112005903651613510907_rs.jpg 112005931601834141457_rs.jpg
  2. Oh wow, Jess looks like a ghost in the third pic...scary! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Jessica looks so manly in those pictures, she needs a new make-up artist.
  4. jess looks tired and scary

    ash looks nice tho
  5. what happened to jessica? eek..
  6. Jessica used to be the prettier one!
  7. jessica is starting to look like VB! lol

  8. Your Welcome!:flowers:
  9. Jessica looks very tired and stressed.
  10. Whoa. She looks washed out. She must be just tired and stressed. Either that or her make-up artist didn't do a good job that day.
  11. She looks like Nicolette Sheridan. Not a compliment for a young twentysomething. :s
  12. I know she looks terrible now... I think Ash is prettier.
  13. they both look terrible, imo... although Ashlee looks better than Jessica in these photos.
  14. Wow, Jess is aging really really fast, based on these pictures. Or maybe its the makeup? :shrugs:
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