Jes des Omnibus Scarf will be hitting NM soon!

  1. This just in from the Manager at my NM, so I am passing it along to all of you:tup:

    "The Jes des Omnibus print, which is the very first scarf that Hermes
    produced, will be available again for Fall but in the new 70 x 70 cm size.
    We have bought it in 3, aubergine/rose, and
    blue/green. This print was introduced in 1937!"

    I think it can be seen on the Hermes website right now?
  2. I have that scarf! Its at the boutiques now. I got it in black/white. and love it!
  3. WOW!!! this scarf is GORGEOUS!! Will have to check out my local NM...I hope I don't have to wait forever. I was at NM yesterday and inquired about the 100th anniversary NM scarf that Hermes was putting out and the SA told me they don't expect that scarf til SEPT!!!! Is that right?? does anyone else have it at their store already?
  4. I think my NM will be getting it sooner than September. I know they are getting a sample of the scarf in July, but not sure of the actual release date.
  5. Love the omnibus print. I didn't know it was designed in 1937--that makes it all the more amazing.
  6. I just received two colors today from a different H store - the black/white and the blue/green - both tdf!

    grad party 012.jpg
  7. Re the NM 100th anniversary scarf, the SA at my store told me they expected them sometime in August? :shrugs:
  8. Thanks Jag...I love that scarf!!
  9. I love this scarf. I really want one of these and the Kelly scarf. I finally get to go to Hermes again in July, I hope they still have some.
  10. I have an issue of the scarf from 20 years ago. At the time I bought it to wear with a couple of dresses I had. I had no idea I was getting a piece of history!
  11. I have the black/white version on it's way to me now. I can't wait! I'm interested in how different the small size will be to wear!!
  12. I got the black/white/red one Friday. Love it!!!!! I've seen it in etoupe/chartreuse too, also stunning.