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  1. Not sure where the appropriate place to post this question is, but if you were following Jerusha's LV blog sale, what the heck happened that's got everyone so upset? I was reading the IG comments and everyone is just showing support which is great. But what happened?
  2. 1. She overcharged for many of her items (which were preloved, some even bought from consignment shops) and some were retail value (Chanel espadrilles 950 USD, louboutins 800 USD)
    2. Many people called her out on it and she blocked them, that's why u only see the comments praising her.
  3. Interesting.
  4. She pulled the sale only after all her bags where sold. I agree they were overpriced. Most of the stuff came from eBay and Fashionphile with a few exceptions.
  5. I was reading the comments and most were stating the prices of her items were over the retail value for brand new.
    I just munch on my popcorn and read all the comments until I got tired.
    I did watch her video yesterday ahead of the blog sale, which she did state anyone will be blocked for nasty comments.
    Most of the comments were not nasty, just stating the items were over-priced. But I say, if you don't like the prices, go to the store or buy elsewhere. There are people who will buy and from the locks of it a few sold fast.
    To each their own.

  6. Yeah I had a fun time reading the comments too before she deleted them. Saw some of her subbies saying they were paying above retail price because of her YouTube fame and they were essentially paying for a piece of her. U gotta admit it's a little cray cray
  7. Ok, I see. I was interested to know how much she was selling her MC cosmetic pouch for. Anyone notice the price?

  8. Lol that's crazy. I wouldn't pay more even if an actual celebrity owned them. I have seen some of her you tube videos and thought some were useful and some were a little strange. Just my opinion though. Nothing bad against her.

  9. I think $700 or $800USD
  10. Cosmetic Pouch was $700/ Wallet was $800 if I remember correctly.

  11. Lol me too! Yup that's what it was, a piece of her but it was fun while it lasted.
  12. +1
    ...I will say this...she knows how to burn her audience. Most ladies who follow know a bad deal when they see one. I see no issue with calling her on it. Better yet, if it bothers anyone, don't buy and unsubscribe. That sends a clear message.

  13. Exactly! When her numbers start dropping, maybe she will notice.
  14. I saw the "sale" and the prices were ridiculous. I had no intentions of buying anything, but I was curious to see what she would sell the items for. I didn't think the comments were rude or being mean. People were just expressing their opinion which also happened to be fact. This stuff was overpriced. I mean come on. She wanted $1000 for a H & M jacket. She was asking for Fashionphile (FP) prices without the FP warranty. :smile: It was entertaining to say the least, buy again I didn't see any mean or rude comments really.
  15. thats crazy, 1k for h&m?? ,lol. I didn't plan to buy or follow the sale but its interesting to hear. I don't have the patience to buy preloved but for those prices thats out of hand, she knows that people will buy anyway. I just recently sold my zippy wallet for $570 and i thought that was a good deal. I can't imagine selling anything over retail unless it was LE/discontinued and also in great condition. Even then how much more? Im not familiar with the MC pricing but 700/800 seems high.
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