Jersey Shore...Season 5...back to Seaside Hghts

  1. Snookie is the same as Ryder and Deanna - they're all nasty!
  2. I agree they are, but I guess Ryder is more nasty to me since she "did sex" with a lot of the guys.

    I just always think about how skanky that house is. If I was friends with them, I'd bring Lysol spray and wipes with me and just wipe everything down in front of them.
  3. yeah but deena, snooki, angelina, etc would have too if they were cuter. ryder just seems skankier because the guys actually want to sleep with her, so she does.
  4. didn't snookie have sex with vinny and mike?
    ryder had sex with pauly d?
  5. Yeah snookie did!
    Ryder had sex with Pauly D & Vinnie
  6. didn't she have that pregancy scare just a few weeks before that. Talking about how ashamed her family would be. I think you've shamed your family after the first epsoide.
  7. They have a nerve to have a fragrance. I don't care if it smells like Jesus breath I don't want it. lol
  8. Saw these pics on Reality Tea. Jwoww looks so different from the first season. Snooki looks like she lost weight.

  9. :shocked: Did Jwoww have another boob job? They're HUGE!
  10. *~*She gets new boobs every season doll!!! :giggles: I do like her top though...*~*
  11. i think JWoww's boobs got bigger bc she gained a little weight. her face even looks diff
  12. I thought so too! But I think she looks great still.
  13. Omg I tuned in recently to the first episode of the season. OMG ! I didnt tune in for italy, but now that "the unit" is in it, i can barely hold down my food. he' seems like a weasly greasy rat like mike. ew. no thanks. so over it.
  14. Snooki lost a lot of weight. I believe she is around 90 pounds now. I think some article asked if she went too far with her weight loss. The girl is 4'9" - she can weigh 90 pounds! I think it is just funny how some women are considered huge at a size 6, yet Snooki has gone "overboard" with her weight loss.
  15. yeah why does she say that? so annoying? and with volume of these kids getting it in, I didn't think they asked. I thought it happened naturally