Jersey girls lunch!

  1. Ladies of New Jersey - can we make our SH lunch on Thursday, Jan. 11th instead of Tuesday the 9th? I will be out of state on the 9th attending a client meeting. Let me know! I am so looking forward to meeting all of you but if you cannot make it on the 11th, you guys go ahead and I'll catch up with you next time.
  2. OMG, a meeting in Jersey? How cool!!!
  3. I can do either of those days as long as I have a few days to sort out a babysitter......
  4. I can try to make it. Just have to sort out a few things at work and with the sitter.

  5. Thursdays I am not available...I have to take my little guy to a basketball class after school. Fridays and Tuesdays work best for me. What about Friday the 12th? I am also available the following week if we need to push it off until then.
  6. ^ I actually can come on Fri the 12th too..if anyone else can?
  7. Friday the 12th is perfect!! I'm so looking forward to it!
  8. Hi all,
    I am a frequent poster on Chanel but pop in here every now and again to see your lovely bags! Addicted gave me a heads up about the Jersey Girl lunch and I just wondered if it is only for Hermes toters:p ...I would love to meet some PF members and SHM is my hang out! I would have to check my work schedule to see if I could pop by and say Hi but just wanted to make sure it was ok first. If not, I totally understand...I'm cool like that:supacool: ~
  9. ^the more pfers the better...besides, we may just convert you!!!!
  10. Come on down, Rockerchic!!
  11. So jealous! have a wonderful time ladies!
  12. OK So let's figure we are on for the 12th. Does 12:30 work for everyone? I have to be home by 2:45 for my kids and i want to make sure we have enough time!! If you PM me I can get a total count and then we can figure out where to meet and I can make a reservation for us. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. ^^Thanks so much Gals, i will watch the posts and see if I can make it there to meet you! PS, wouldn't take much to convert me! I succumb easily to peer pressure...Rose has already been working on me! When I see all of your lovely Hermes, I will be in awe! :smile:

    (Edit--just saw your post Princess so I will let you know early this week as soon as I take a look at my work schedule!)
  14. I would sooo love to meet you all, I will try to see if i can get the day off from work.
  15. Great!! Looking forward to meeting all of you on the 12th! S, come on over to the dark side.....