Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall worth going?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Will be vising New Jersey next month and found Jersey Garden Mall on the net that is very close to the hotel that i'll be staying in. Is this mall worth going to? thanks much!
  2. No, it's so gross! Spend the extra time to drive up to Woodbury Commons in NY.
  3. its ok. i'll be there this wkend most likely so i can get clothes for my vacation.

    theres kenneth cole, bebe, guess, black/white, nautica, tommy, forever 21, h&m, etc.
  4. i'd go to woodbury commons. i hate jersey gardens, esp on the weekends. too many people and the selection isnt that great.
  5. where is woodbury commons? is it far?
  6. The last time I was at Jersey Gardens (when the first opened), they had disco music playing at their McDonalds. That was all the info I needed never to go back. LOL Plus the fact that I found it to be a bit shady.

    You should either go to Secaucus. They have outlets there. Or maybe try to get to Short Hills. Its a very nice mall and closer than Woodbury Commons which is about an hour outside of NYC.
  7. JErsey Gardens is the closest outlet to you, believe me. I live about 15mins away and ur in NJ so remember no tax on clothes, food, the neccessities pretty much when on the other hand NY does have tax on everything. Also, it's at a 3.5% because its in an urban area so it is multiculturally diverse, if u have an issue with that i don't recommend going. but during the day Monday-Friday its NEVER packed and for good prices its good to go to.

    any other help or tourist type attractions please don't hesitate to email me
  8. thank you ladies for all your help!