jersey flap colors?

  1. does anyone know of any other colors the jersey flap comes in or will be coming in- besides the white- any pics?? thanks!!
  2. i saw the silver at NM palo alto
  3. I heard silver and black
  4. thanks!! black sounds tempting! the leather ones are way too much $$ for me- i would love to see a picture of the black if anyone comes across it!
  5. i just ordered from Nordstrom seattle a jumbo jersey flap in soft dove grey color... :smile: they also have it in ivory white!

  6. does anyone know where i can get the black? please please PM me the SA's #..! preferably the ones who do international shipping..! thanks!!
  7. does anyone have the style number for the jersey flap?
  8. Could anyone pm me the sa number and email for this jersey flap? great thankss...