Jersey and NY Gals meeting at SHM Jan 30

  1. The Chanel trunk show at NM is Jan 30 and 31. Let's make it a date for all that can come! I suggest we meet early and view the bags, get on lists first:p , then go have a nice lunch and a glass of wine! Who is in?
    We can firm up timing and I can make a lunch reservation as we get closer to the day!:heart:
  2. PS, Monica, Swanky, Tina, Roey, Beth, tln, ....time to book flights!!
  3. I'M SOOOO JEALOUS!!! OMG!! Stacy you are sooo cute!

  4. Tina, get your cute a** on a flight. I'm not kidding!!:roflmfao:
  5. oh how I wish I could!!
    :stomping feet like a toddler in the whiniest of voices:

    I'll sticky it if you get some folks, or just let me know ;)
  6. I'm moving to AZ on January 27th! Too soon to fly back east unfortunately. But I will certainly be thinking about you gals on that day!
  7. OMG!!! I so wish I could Stacy but I'm in Denver for training then. We will definitely hook up my next trip out east!!!
  8. Let me see..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..Im SO THERE!!LOL...
  9. count me in definitel!!!!!!!
  10. uh oh, it will be ugly as Stacy, Jill and I wrestle each other to be first on the
  11. Swanky, If you could sticky this, that would be far there are 5 of us, those above plus Minnie and Addictedtopurses!
  12. :yahoo: :yahoo: I am so excited. I can't wait. And i have the day off from work too:wlae: .
  13. hope u guys go and have fun!! :smile:
  14. Oh I would soooo go to this. But Im 8 months pregnant and would slow you all down! Have fun and take pics.
  15. ^you wouldnt slow us down girl!You must come!