Jersey and NY Gals hit the trunk show!

  1. Jill, Doulos, Poth, Addicted to Purses, archygirl, nycmom and Rocker hit the show. :yahoo: It was so much fun meeting the gals and also viewing the lovely purses! Unfortunately I was banned from taking pictures so I have no good ones to share...:push:
    Let see--
    The patent luxe ligne is just gorgeous and comes in black, white and a vibrant blue--the large tote is the one on the NM ad. They also had a flap and the bowler.
    The new classic flaps have a unique chain handle with a design in it. Hard to explain but they are light as air. We saw the lambskin in gray and also red. the red had a blue undertone and was lovely. The red will also come in caviar but the gray won't.
    There new IT bag is sort of a sling bag with triple chain on the top in lambskin--gals, what was the name of that one--said to be the next cabas ...
    There is also a ligne called the Madison. I fell in love with the gold patent we have pix on the board of this one yet? That is a must have on my list...
    We also saw the Cotton Club and I must say, it is very, very, very similar to the Cambon ligne imo. They had the large tote, bowler and minireporter.
    Others, what am I missing?

    Better than the bags, was the company. Two relatively new members of our little family, NYCmom and Archygirl are just dolls!! So glad they found us and joined the get together. Jill is a riot, Doulos is just as sweet as she seems in her messages, POTH briefly glanced at the bags but the orange blurred her vision:p , and I think I almost have Addy talked into her first Chanel:graucho: !

    PS. Wouldn't it be fun to try to organize a nationwide meet? Can't wait to see everyone in the near future!:love:
  2. How exciting! That IT bag is the Rock & Chain. I have my name down for it in black and white. How did you like it? I also have my name down for the blue patent luxury bowler. I wish I could've been there with you guys! I'm jealous!
  3. I went to the trunk show also....I didn't think I was going to be able to make it - but I did!!!!

    There sure were a lot of bags to see. I loved the red flap in lamnskin....that was a real true red, and it's coming in Caviar? This is great news.

    I remember the teal colored bag that looked like the multipocket reporter from the old Cambon line (smaller size)......didn't love it. I liked the Cotton Club in was white, but not stark white.

    My favorite was the dark blue patent luxe ligne.....I totally loved it - that was my favorite bag there!!!!

    The Chanel section in NM is so small and cramped.....I just kind of looked at the bags then left. But I'll be thinking of the patent dark blue!!!!!!
  4. ohhhh living vicariously here
    it sounds so much fun. i'm so glad you ladies had such a ball -- can't wait to see pics, sounds like there were some bags there that Maxaluna (Gayle) and i didnt see at our Saks Trunk Show a few weeks ago....i wanna see this blue....
    now, Jill, what did you waitlist????
  5. It was great seeing all the bags....I think it's time for my first Chanel :yahoo:
  6. Thanks for the full reports, ladies! :flowers:

    Did you see any interesting green bags? (Other than the big green square tote with the black piping that has already been posted.)

    Did you hear anything about the new "Paris-Biarritz" line, which apparently is Act II of S/S 07?
  7. OK....I have to admit that I was totally drooling over.....ummmm...someone's new Hermes bags....two of them that she brought with her!!!! I was totally loving them both...and yes, you should keep them both....

    But....I was totally loving the new chain on the grey jumbo flap. I may need one of those too!!

    So great to meet all of you. Everyone was so sweet. Sorry I couldn't stay. Next time!!!
  8. OMG I completely forgot about this! ARGH! This is what I get for selling my agenda two months ago and never replacing it!
  9. HAHA! LOL! I just got home!!!Doulos and I were out LATE!
    Im waitlisted for rock n chain(SP!?),Cotton club in black.and soft chain something or other..LOL...#3 bags total.
    Girls..After you all left..I DID end up finding new boots to replace the ones my puppy just ate..ROFL!YEAH!
    Had a blast meeting you all..lunch was great...and all of you are so SUPER NICE! cant wait to meet up again!
  10. I am just getting home now:push: . I had soooo much fun. It was great to meet everyone.
    I also found myself drooling over someones' stunning unbelievable HOT TDF bags. OMG...sooo stunnning. I too think you should keep them both. You most definitely can ROCK Now we all know what my next purchase will be:sweatdrop: :push: . I can't wait.

    I also put my name down for the red classic flap. It is unbelievably stunning. I must say that it was such a teease because the one they had was the medium size in lambskin and it will not be available. Why does Chanel do this?

    We most definitely need to do this again. Thank you all for a lovely time.:flowers:
  11. I must agree with you there, Rockerchic's bags were out of control. I loved the Kelly, and I may have to splurge as a celebratory gift and get two bags this go around! Looking forward to the next get-together!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  12. Oh I'm SO jealous! What a fantastic group of gals!
    Glad you guys could meet up!:tender:
  13. Dawn, where you there at the same time as Stacy, Jill and Doulos et. al.? Did you all run into one another?

    ITA about the medium lambskin and not being available from NM - why would they show it if they didn't order it?:shrugs:
  14. I saw the Luxury flap in black patent today at the Saks Phoenix trunk show as well as the white Luxury patent bowler and... this is only my opinion... thought they looked really tacky. The patent is very smooth and shiny. I would never pay the amount of money Chanel is asking for these bags.

    The CC tote in silver was breathtaking - a pearly silvery white with a grey undertone. The bottom has nice big silver feet for protection too. This was the only color in the CC line on display. I don't like the CC bowler - much prefer the Cambon bowler.
  15. Why were you banned from taking pictures? It would have been so great to see some...
    What does the Soft Chain look like and tell me more about the Cotton Club... :drool: