Jersey 2.55

  1. I'm back from my trip to Paris!

    Went abit Chanel crazy...will post pics of my purchases when I can...!

    But the main thing I want to report on is that there is a Jersey 2.55 out in all paris stores, in RED with silver h/w (which I got in 225), in charcoal grey with silver h/w and in black with gold h/w...Have anyone else seen these? I havent noticed (or may have missed) posts in relation to these...
  2. i have seen the black w/ g/h
    nice casual bag, but steep price!
  3. Really? I didnt think the price was too bad, about 1200 Euro which is about 500 less than the leather versions...Anyway, I was in search for a red bag and this was perfect for me!
  4. I saw 225 red and dark grey jersey reissues at SCP. They are in the stores now.
  5. Post pictures. We want pictures....we love pictures!!!:yahoo:
  6. What, no pics?:crybaby:
  7. Hi Koeeee, was wondering where you pics please, the purse sounds gorgeous...
  8. Yes, I sneaked off to paris and london in the last weeks for a wedding...Glad you are getting your metallic blk 227 soon! I'm suprised I didnt buy more than the jersey red 2.55 I got and a clutch...
  9. oh please post the red jersey bag! is it the coco's croc style?
  10. It's not coco's croc style, just diamond stitched. I asked and the coco's croc is apparently not out yet in paris...

    Will post pics soon, my camera is being abused for a wedding tonight so will take some time to get pics up...Sorry all!
  11. I tried on the red jersey in the 225 size at the NY soho chanel boutique. The hardware's the tarnished silver color (similar to the dark silver 2.55's hardware), and I personally didn't think it looked good with the red. Also saw the black and grey jersey. The grey looks too much like the color of sweatpants? :yucky: The black has gold hardware which looks great.

    If only it came in red jersey with gold hardware!
  12. oh I like the grey'll be great if someone could post a pic...
  13. Congrats! My mom in law got me the black jersey in Paris!!! I :heart::heart::heart: it! Love that its so different AND it goes casual b/c of the fabric BUT it's also actually a dressier classic evening bag IMO. (Because 'back in the olden days' one would not carry a leather evening bag).

    Here's mine!

  14. it's gorgeous~
    any one have the red and the grey jersey? post pic!! thanks~
  15. But if it is 'jersey' does it mean it is 'stretchy'??
    And would it actually develop 'little fluff balls' after a while of wearing??
    It sounds a funny material to be used for 2.55.