Jerry Springer gets worse....

  1. here are the topics the show is covering tonight (reruns)

    Lesbian threesome with mum and lesbian sex with sister :yucky:

    where do the producers get these topics from and how do they find people to share such "unique and creative" sexual lives, i just find it disgusting :yucky: :shrugs:
  2. You mean this isn't normal?
  3. I remember when they showed A Klan Christmas!
  4. I'm embarressed to admit that I sat through "My Brother is my Lover" last week *shudders*
  5. I just dont get why the show is allways about people sleeping with members of their family. Do they have no shame ?
  6. ive always wanted to know is it real or fake?
  7. fake.
  8. So it's the WWF of Talk-Shows then? LOL. That's comforting to know :yes:
  9. LOL I watched that too Socialite!!
  10. haha good ole living TV 2 :p
  11. and why do the women always come out and take their clothes off straight away!! end up fighting over this guy and then he comes out & it's like WTF??? THATS what your fighting over!!
  12. There is a new show "The Springer Hustle" about behind the scenes of the show. It shows the producers coaching the guests on what to say and do. They encourage them to fight.

    ' That's what you get for sending us Jordan and Posh!!!
  13. TV is a business, and that means giving the viewers what they want!

    Take a look sometime at all the programs that are on at the same time as the Springer show.

    Now that is not as meaningful now that almost everybody has some sort of Tivoid, but through all those years when we didn't, Jerry beat the competition. And the competition included all kinds of things, from other talk shows to Verdi operas on PBS.

    So if you're disgusted, that can actually be a good thing, because you might be so disgusted that you just sit there watching in horror, and then you tune in tomorrow to see what disgusting thing they will have next.

    And of course, you buy the sponsor's products! :smile:
  14. Springer is still on??? :p
  15. i am sure that the guests are paid?