Jerome Dreyfuss

  1. Never bought, but considering it. Jerome Dreyfuss is Isabel Marant's husband. They are the Pope and Popess of French "Bobo Chic" (alongside Vanessa Bruno). Dreyfuss recently decided to focus on acessories and bags.

    You can view video interview on the French Elle website where he explains how he turned to accessories and how the leather of his bags is as soft as "fesse de bébé" (litterally babie's backside LOL).
    I think his bags are very high quality, very soft and casual.

    Watch his interview here:
    He is such a cute, discrete and clever person! And truly loves and understands the lives of modern women, which reflects in his designs.
  2. The leather on those bags look super soft. The style kind of reminds me of the Silverado.
  3. Thanks, betises_lau. That's interesting. If you eventually decide to buy one of his bags, could you please post pictures? Many thanks.

    His bags seem popular in Japan, and I think the Japanese have very good taste :biggrin:

    PS I don't understand French so can you please translate briefly the rest of his interview (if you can spare the time)? Cheers.
  4. To all of you who have any interest, her's a rough translation of the interesting bit of the Elle France interview on his abgs line:

    Why bags ?
    I really wanted to turn to accessories. I ralised girls' attitude as consumers had changed. A bag is now an essential element in a girl's look, which was not the case before.

    Any new items for your spring-summer collection?
    The shapes are always a bit loose: slouchy, squishy bags in which you can fit a lot, quite large bags.As to colors, there's an emerald green that's very popular.

    Where do you find inspiration?
    I work for my wife and her friends, women of my generation that are always on the go, work and have children.

    Your catch line ?
    My leathers are as soft as a baby's backside, and a baby's backside is pretty d*mn soft!
  5. Thanks for the translation, betises_lau, love the bit about the baby's bottom :biggrin:
  6. i love them and have spend long minutes fondling the bags at NM...can't afford one right now, but i know some girls on another board who have bought them and they are in LOVE. they seem to be very high quality and the leather is very sturdy, but soft.
  7. oh...what a great price!! i haven't, but there's a girl on MUA who bought her JD bag at the store in chicago...she stalked it until it went on sale!! she was very happy with her experience...
  8. Agree, that's a great price. Hope you get a Dreyfuss bag eventually, grechen :smile:
  9. I really like that bag! It's a great shape and very functional... pockets for my glasses, my keys, my cell. What a great price!
  10. ITA...I love pockets
  11. I was looking at these in the department stores in Paris last week - I hadn't seen them in person before. I reallllllllly like them! The leather is incredibly soft, and the finishing seems really good. Some of the designs are really interesting and complex without being fussy. There was a hobo in a soft croco leather that was just incredible - I went back three separate days to look at it, but ended up talking myself out of it. (Credit card was whimpering.) They seem like they'd be really comfortable and sensual to use. Definitely on my "list" now.
  12. OMG!!! i love this bag :
    i don't have one form this brand yet, but it looks lovely!
    thanks for the info! :P