Jermes Fall/winter bracelet on, any info?

  1. The page isen't really working that well for me, but here you can see what appears to be a bracelet in lizard, or perhaps more likely a bracelet in metal with a lizard pattern?

    Anyone has any info on it?
  2. Hi, I went to have a look. It says on that it's called the Pink Gold Salome Cuff.

    Here's a picture I captured for you.
    Hermes Salome Cuff.jpg
  3. But it won't be out till fall I guess.

    Also! I must apologize for the JERMES! I tried to edit it, but then the forum went down! T_T

    Oh well, pretend it's in spanish or something.
  4. It's definitely from the A/W collection. It's anyone's guess when Hermes want to release it. Not everything comes out at the same time. Paris always staggers their releases. Some items should come out in Jul/Aug. Some will more likely show up Oct/Nov/Dec. Sorry, can't help.
  5. GREAT cuff - love it!
  6. Anyone know if it is gold plated, or 18 kt gold?
  7. golconda, I don't know.....BUT, just from what I've seen of Hermes, I cannot imagine them offering gold plate. I "suspect" that it will be 18K or Sterling.
  8. I bet it will be the same gold plating as on bangles and clic clacks.
  9. :roflmfao: ...LOL, good one! :roflmfao: