Jenyi's LV and Fendi Collection

  1. My small but growing LV Collection

    CB Red/Cream Retro, White MC Speedy 30, CB Red/Cream papillon, CB Red/Cream Pochette, and White MC Mirror and White MC Mirror.

    My Fendi Collection

    First Row: Gold Mini Mama baguette, White Mini Baguette, Swarovski Baguette, Beige Mini Evening Baguette, Black Persian Lamb Baguette.

    Second Row: Beige Fur Mama Baguette, Brown Pressed Leather Magik, Pink Sequined Python Baguette.

    Back Row: Alligator Trim Tote, Yellow/Brown Dyed Fur Baguette, Beige Cashmere Box Handheld.
    vuitton.jpg fendi.jpg
  2. Love your LV´s (and your couch!)!!
  3. wow!! what a FAB LV collection!! i am uber envious of your CB retro!!
  4. Great collection.
  5. nice collection
  6. LVoeing the CBs!
  7. Wooow, your LV's are gorgeous! I love them all. And your Fendi's are great too. Wonderful collection!
  8. Aww so tasteful! Congrats on your beautiful collection! :yahoo:
  9. I love your collection. Both your LV's & Fendi's. Gorgeous!
  10. Great Collection

    Those Fendi Baguettes are amazing. I love the sparkly ones - the cream and pink - real conversational pieces, well done. I have often thought about starting a collection of Baguettes - your collection has convinced me I should!

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  11. Beautiful collection :biggrin:
  12. Great LV's!
    Thanks for sharing.
  13. Gorgeous! I am so envious of all the Cherry Blossom pieces you have!
  14. Your bags are gorgeous! Such a pretty collection! My jaw dropped when I saw the first picture. Everything's stunning! Thanks for sharing!
  15. thanks everyone! The CBs are so cute, I always smile when I look at their faces.