Jenskar, What Is The Name Of The Prada On Your Current Avatar?

  1. glace satchel? but there are so many of them, they can't be all called that?
  2. It is a glace satchel but the mid size (which is the only one I liked) was only made for department stores. The Prada stores had a size smaller and a size larger. It also came in the pinkish to grey patent. I don't know more than that, sorry! It sold out pretty fast, that I know.
    I had a ball at the Prada sale yesterday -- went absolutely nuts as the whole runway collection was 1/2 off but no handbags so posted in the wardrobe thread:
  3. jenskar, have you ever seen the frame bag version of your previous avatar? (the glace/degrade/gradient satchel). i am looking at one and i am wondering which to get...